Three: Breakfast

I rarely end up eating breakfast to be perfectly honest, though I suspect that I am going to be eating a lot more of it now that I’ve started gyming. So this week’s theme was a little difficult for me, but I managed nonetheless when we made dippy eggs for lunch. Dippy eggs is totally […]

Golden Ball of Sunray

I should note before I post this that, while I do consider myself a writer, I do not consider myself to be a poet in the slightest. This was just the first thing that came to mind when looking at this week’s picture.   Golden ball of sunray Following the orb of light Across the […]

Week #2: Hot

The theme for this week is Hot/Cold (depending on which hemisphere you’re in). Being in South Africa, and it being summer, I naturally assumed that the theme I would be going for would be Hot, since it is Africa, and it is Grahamstown where it is usually ridiculously humid during the Summer season. But apparently […]

One: Newness

Today’s picture comes entirely unedited, because I just loved the look of it out of camera. What I particularly liked about it was the background. Our grass has become really overgrown, so the stalks in the back are really long, and the wind blowing in the garden provided great movement and background blur.