Spider and the Fly

“Come into my parlour,” said the spider to the fly.

“Really,” the fly responded. “You’re going to go with that line?”

The spider hesitated, a little nonplussed. “Uh… yeah. It’s a classic!”

The fly rolled her eyes and continued with her business of preening herself. This was no ordinary fly, you see. She was beautiful in a way that no ordinary fly could come close to, and she was smart, graduating top of her class from Anisoptera Academy. And, of course, this made her far more dangerous than just any fly, and far more desirable.

“Aww, come on”, the spider insisted, pushing his luck once again. “You’ve got to check out my crib.”

“Crib? More like coffin!”

“Oh, come on baby! Don’t be that way!”

“I’ve noticed you around, you know.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. Noticed you with Hawker and Darter, Chaser and Darner. Even Scarlet and Percher seem to have fallen into your trap. But not me.”

“Trap? What are you talking about?”

“Oh, don’t play dumb. I know your tricks. Charm em and harm em as they say.”

“Harm? Me? Honey, you’ve got the wrong guy! I’m just looking for a good time!”

“Your good times and mine are a world apart.”

“What about one drink at my place?”

Spider motioned to his palace, and even fly had to admit that it was gorgeous. Intricately woven with diamonds spread throughout, fly couldn’t remember the last time she had seen anything so gorgeous, and she had looked in the mirror only moments ago.

“It won’t take long,” spider insisted, seeing that he had her hooked.

“I’ll look around,” fly agreed, “but I’ll keep my distance. And don’t you try anything on me!”

“Absolutely,” spider held up his hands declaring his innocence. “I won’t touch you! You can stay as far back as you like.”

Fly left her perch and took to the air, inspecting spider’s apartment from afar. She couldn’t see any warning signs from way up where she was, no hint of danger, and she found herself flyer nearer to have a closer look at the detail that had gone into putting the place together. Each thread was woven intricately to the next and diamond dew was scattered throughout. They were the largest diamonds that fly had ever seen, and they glistened brightly in the sunlight, drawing her closer and closer. She could see herself reflected in the sparkling gem, her beauty heightened beyond her imagination, and she was enraptured, not noticing that her wings were veering close to the web until it was too late.

“So glad that you could make it,” spider said as he glided towards her, floating along the web with so little effort.

Fly tried her best to drag herself away, but with every flap of her wings, she found herself more tightly wound. The threads were stronger than they looked, and the held her tightly as spider made his way over to her.

“Now… what was that I was saying….”

“Please,” she begged, but her pleading fell on deaf ears.

“Come into my parlour….”


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