My Time to Shine

Today’s Daily Promp asks if we are Night Owls or Early Birds, and though I cannot remember the last time I stayed up late or woke up ridiculously early, what I can remember is the wonderful feeling of driving from Cape Town to Grahamstown one very early morning a few years ago. It is the most glorious feeling in the world watching the sun rise over Sir Lowry’s Pass, and so I thought I would write a quick paragraph about that defining moment, which I think makes me an Early Bird.

The sun rises over the mountains as I take a sip of my glorious Red Bull, letting the sour sweetness flow and making sure that my eyes stay wide and alert. I let my sunglasses slip from the top of my head over my eyes as I turn a corner into the oncoming sunrise. They aren’t enough – I still need to shield myself from the burst of sunlight that hits my face, by now used to the darkness of the road.

The early bird catches the worm they say, but there are no worms awake at this hour. Just me and the road before me. I take another swig of Red Bull and prepare myself for the long journey home, a smile upon my face.


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