Six: Sleep

I have been so very slack about editing and uploading my photographs recently, but that doesn’t mean that I have given up! While I haven’t been uploading, I have been taking weekly photographs for the themes, and week 6’s theme was sleep. Something that I have been struggling with lately in general, thanks to my […]

Five: Tired

Last week’s theme was tired, while this week’s theme is sleep. While they run very closely together, I thought that this picture taken of Puddims (our cat) last week perfectly signified theĀ insistenceĀ to ignore the rising sun and try to stay asleep, even when there is someone poking a camera in your face. If that isn’t […]

Spider and the Fly

“Come into my parlour,” said the spider to the fly. “Really,” the fly responded. “You’re going to go with that line?” The spider hesitated, a little nonplussed. “Uh… yeah. It’s a classic!” The fly rolled her eyes and continued with her business of preening herself. This was no ordinary fly, you see. She was beautiful […]

Three: Breakfast

I rarely end up eating breakfast to be perfectly honest, though I suspect that I am going to be eating a lot more of it now that I’ve started gyming. So this week’s theme was a little difficult for me, but I managed nonetheless when we made dippy eggs for lunch. Dippy eggs is totally […]

Week #2: Hot

The theme for this week is Hot/Cold (depending on which hemisphere you’re in). Being in South Africa, and it being summer, I naturally assumed that the theme I would be going for would be Hot, since it is Africa, and it is Grahamstown where it is usually ridiculously humid during the Summer season. But apparently […]