Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

I had such a beautiful photo shoot with one of my former work colleagues and his now fiancee over the weekend. I didn’t even realise that this week’s Daily Post challenge was to take a photograph during the Golden Hour, and this was the first time at this particular location at sunset. I haven’t even […]

Mental Battle

I am on the precipice.Can’t bring myself to write.Can’t bring myself not to.Thoughts are clouding my head,Not making any sense.Clouding each otherWith words that string togetherAnd then fall apartUnused. Failure hangs over meInescapable.Success so close But yet so far.

My Time to Shine

Today’s Daily PrompĀ asks if we are Night Owls or Early Birds, and though I cannot remember the last time I stayed up late or woke up ridiculously early, what I can remember is the wonderful feeling of driving from Cape Town to Grahamstown one very early morning a few years ago. It is the most […]

Golden Ball of Sunray

I should note before I post this that, while I do consider myself a writer, I do not consider myself to be a poet in the slightest. This was just the first thing that came to mind when looking at this week’s picture.   Golden ball of sunray Following the orb of light Across the […]